Tronex A/S

Tronex increases its production capacity

The investment in a new module for our SMT line now makes it possible to place up to 65,000 components per hour.

SMT line has 324 8 mm feeder and 20 trays. This makes it possible to produce more complex printed circuit boards and meet more customers' needs, requirements and expectations.

By equipping the machines with automatic support and a new laser monitoring the quality of...

Tronex can now detect the hidden fault

Tronex has just invested in a new X-ray system from General Electric (GE). This system is based on GES Phoenix platform, and means that we can now prepare FAR reports with detailed X-ray images of hidden solder points.

With the new system we can see the possible voids, fractures and incomplete solder joints through solid materials such as castings.

Our X-ray system provides our...

New Yamaha iPulse M20

In the autumn of 2014 Tronex invested in another Yamaha iPulse M20. The two full automatic pick&place machines in line increase our capacity considerably and offer us the opportunity to handle very complex boards. The motor feeders of the machines handle micro electronics and special components. The feeder and system offer full traceability down to component level. The updated Vision System ensures correct pick of component type and precise placement of components. The machine can...

New 'Landmark' at Tronex

The tall tank of nitrogen outside the Tronex buildings may be considered a landmark of a new time. Soldering with nitrogen instead of the normal oxygenous atmosphere gives us plenty of reasons to choose this technology. The total quality of the printed circuit board improves considerably. To the manufacturer it means higher flexibility and an improved process flow.

Increasing demand for assembly of micro electronics, hence the increasing demands to the soldering processes, made...

New Reflow Oven with Several Zones

After a qualifying process Tronex has added a new reflow oven to the SMD productionline, a Rehm Vision XS 9+3 zone oven with three separate active cooling zones. The many zones gives us optimal conditions for precise and fully controllable temperature profiles.

Each printed circuit board has its own soldering profile attached via the production software. All data from each individual production are logged.

The oven is in-line with our pick-and-place machines avoiding manual...

AOI, Automatic Optical Inspection

Tronex has invested in Göppel AOI equipment to offer our customers a higher yield of untested printed circuit boards. An optical inspection of solderings and components take place down to tiny component sizes e.g. 01005.

The system is equipped with several cameras. This enables verification of several board parameters besides text information on component level. The system recognizes and registers the solder quality of the mounted boards by means of a camera with 45...