Tronex A/S
Strength comes from within

What we do

For more than 25 years we have been producing PCB assemblies and finished products in co-operation with more than 30 world leading companies. Among our customers we count technology leading suppliers of medical equipment, industrial measuring equipment, energy and environmental systems, video surveillance, sports and automotive applications. 

As a professional EMS partner we update and expand our production lines in order to offer our customers leading technology hence continuously increasing capacity and a constant quality. Outgoing quality level AQL 0.65 according to ANSI/IPC-A-610 class II and III.

Complete EMS Package

Tronex' electronic manufacturing services comprise: 

  • PCB assembly on flexible high-tech robots handling more than 500x500 mm complex boards.
  • Manual insertion and mechanical mounting.
  • Box assembly, test, end-user packing, etc.
  • Modifications, service jobs, and after sales service.

In close co-operation with our customers we setup quality checks at defined points during the production. Functional testing is offered as an in-house service by our test engineering team.

Tronex is a specialist in optimisation for high volume production. From the development phase of a new product we participate in our customers' projects by selecting components, defining test points, etc. to obtain the best design for manufacturability as well as testability.

Furthermore, we offer to assume full logistic responsibility for a product; procuring components, stocking components as well as the finished goods to be delivered according to our customer's forecasts and orders.

Quality System

Tronex is ISO9001:2008 certified by Intertek.

Our ISO9001 quality assurance system has procedures that closely follow the company's process flow. Accordingly it is comprehensible and easy to use for the entire staff in their daily work.