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Specialized skills

About Tronex

Tronex started in 1988 with a mission to offer the Danish electronic industry prototypes and unique low volume serial productions of high quality products for fast delivery. This is still a focus area although our present business model is based on strategic EMS partnerships with our customers. The idea of a local prototype and low volume business combined with a high volume production partner in the FarEast has proved very successful over the years - to our customers as well as to the development of Tronex' business volume.

Technical Dialogue

Tronex' business development is founded on a sound base of technical knowledge - theoretical as well as practical - assumed over many years of co-operation with leading companies in the Danish industry. A deep knowledge to a wide selection of technologies and processes has been obtained from our customers demands to our equipment and our staff.

Our strength is a firm work process and a professional technical dialogue with our customers. In this connection our ERP system is vital ensuring a professional flow of technical documentation in our house as well as facilitating the communication between the customers and our production departments.

Focus on Exteme Environments

To provide solutions to special requirements for products to function in extreme environments we are open for investments in special equipment. Lately, investments were made to offer our customers soldering in inactive atmosphere. We coat and pot electronics to secure robust products that are resistant to heat, cold, humidity or other special environments.

Tronex cirkler

Motivated Staff

Tronex employees work in experienced and highly specialised teams with emphasis on production. All members of staff are educated and well trained to solve the variety of jobs requested by our customers.

The working environment, physically as well as socially, is a priority to Tronex -  to keep the teams happy and motivated enabling them to meet demanding targets and tasks required.

The work processes and the product quality are focus areas for our employees, who constantly aim on improvements.

Healthy Finances

Inspite of large and small fluctuations in Danish economy Tronex has succeeded in reaching the present business volume by organic growth – and is still self-financing. This gives us a good night's sleep and our customers a stable supplier.